The Pet Pantry is a family owned pet food delivery

We deliver to:                                                
  • Waukesha Co.
  • Milwaukee Co.
  • Walworth Co.
  • Surrounding areas

We will soon have a list of foods and prices
Offer a wide variety of products

The Pet Pantry has been in business for over 23 years

We make buying pet food more convenient
Placing orders.

  • To place an order call or leave us a message on the contact
    page with any questions you may have.

  • Orders are delivered on Fridays. Please have them in
    Wednesday night so they can be processed.

  • We leave your order in one of our Pet Pantry bins on your porch
    so you don't even have to be home.

  • You can leave a check, cash, or send payment to us.
The Pet Pantry LLC.
The Pet Pantry LLC. * * 262-470-4498
can increase their life by over 10 years!

Learn about pet foods and what are in
  • Dead, dying, diseased, disabled.
    The 4D's.
  • Non digestible fillers such as
  • heads, feet, bones, blood,
    intestines, lungs, spleens, livers,
    ligaments, fat trimmings, unborn
    babies. "by-products"

22lb bags of basic blend bird seed                 $9.00

Pig ears                                                               .80

4" Center Bones                                              $1.70

All kinds of treats                                            $1.50 per lb

JJ Fuds Sticks                                                 $2.00